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don’t make bad 스포츠중계 wagers when on sports betting

Bets like teasers and parlays 실시간 스포츠중계 can seem tempting, but you should never, ever make one. Sometimes you have to make a series of bets, and all of them have to come out in your favor before you are paid. These are terrible suggestions that are hard to deny. These wagers only make sense if they increase interest in several games. Unless, of course, you find the prospect of ruinous debt exciting.

A parlay wager is placed when the bettor predicts the success of two or more underdog teams against the spread.

Just like a parlay, a teaser allows the bettor to increase their payout by picking 토토사이트순위 multiple teams to cover the spread. Most teasers consist of a six-pointer, and they are by far the most common. A better can change the point spread by a maximum of six points (in both games).

Always keep in mind the golden rule of sports betting: wager only on contests where your team has a statistical edge and a proven record of winning in the long run. To illustrate my thesis, the criticized sucker bets are in direct defiance of these two guidelines. You are essentially betting on games where you have no or a negative advantage when you gamble a series of games.

Many participants will include games they are unfamiliar with in the teaser in the hopes that 스포츠중계 제로백티비 at least one of them will strike gold. It’s hard for me to find the appropriate terminology to express how ridiculous this is. It cancels out your advantage and gives it back to the bookmaker. The success of teasers and parlays over the long run is not supported by statistical evidence. It has been shown through research that they end up losing money. That is to say, don’t bother yourself and just go away! https://zerobacktv.com/

The myth of the “Hot” Sports Betting Handicapper

Advertising for sports-related services 메이저놀이터 often encourages consumers to hire a certain player or team because they are “red hot” at the moment. Untrustworthy services achieve this by providing inflated ratings and inadequate, often contradictory 해외 스포츠중계 descriptions of the games they offer. How often have you heard a handicapper brag that he is “16-2 on his 500-star MWC underdog plays of the month” or that his “Southern Conference total of the month is 60% lifetime”?

The bottom feeders in this sector may use shady accounting practices to give the impression that they are successful. Many of them are prone to exaggerating their achievements. When I initially began out in the sports betting industry, there was no such thing as the Internet, so I had to rely on a score phone to keep up with the latest line and score changes.

Before you could hear the scores, you had to listen to a few pitches for a sketchy gang of touts’ 900 numbers, as the score phone was sponsored by them. In an era before widespread access to the Internet, this method of keeping score was, to put it frankly, a Faustian bargain.

At one point, we attended a gathering hosted by a young person with whom we had frequent  disagreements. All of my friends and I were coming up with nasty pranks to play on him. It was a brilliant idea to add 900# fees to Mark’s phone bill. Unfortunately, there is no central database listing 900 numbers, so I had to dial the only one I could remember that of a score phone tout who had hammered his number into my head through endless advertising.

I recorded the tout’s NBA predictions for the sake of argument. I didn’t have any more faith in his abilities than I would have in a divining rod or Ouija Board forecast, but since the call was free, I felt I might as well give it a shot. I gave him a good grade the following morning after closely monitoring his progress.

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The tout did an excellent job, with 무료 스포츠중계 five wins out of eight wagers.

A 5-3 record would be considered outstanding even by today’s standards. I called the score phone later that day, fully anticipating a boastful announcement from the tout about his 5-3 record. The hustler didn’t boast about his 5-3 win, which caught me off guard. For one thing, he was too preoccupied with boasting about his incredible 7-1 performance the day before to pay attention to anything else.

It has recently dawned on me that the discovery that boiler room touts enjoy about their performance is as obvious as the fact that pro wrestling is fake or that the games at the fair are not honest. If the tout wanted to prove himself as a “hot handicapper,” as I contend, he would have been dishonest about the previous night’s results.

Some handicappers are happy with their performance, but what could go wrong if you try to ride the hot handicapper? There are many 로그인없는 스포츠중계 problems with this method, including that it is a poor way to judge a handicapper’s skill and that it suffers from serious theoretical and statistical shortcomings.

All advertisements for mutual funds make the disclaimer that past results are not indicative of future results. As with the stock, commodity, and currency markets, the sports betting industry is prone to the same patterns (what economists call “market dynamics”).

The success or failure of a sports bet is dependent to some extent on the “whims” of a marketplace (of odds and point spreads) and to an even greater extent on other external events beyond the bettor’s control, so there is no inherent correlation between a handicapper’s performance one year and the next. That is to say, the sports betting market and the random patterns of events that act on it don’t care that I had a 60% success 스포츠중계 보는곳 rate last year. If I don’t do my research, double-check my numbers, locate favorable odds, and get lucky along the way, I could end up losing money regardless of how far I get in life.